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Why should you use Waybiller?

Digital waybills mean lower costs and greater transparency.

Already several companies have started using Waybiller to transform from paper waybills to e-waybills. Their handling costs are now up to three to four times lower, administration much faster and they have faced less delivery and reception discrepancies. By moving to an electronic format, the three parties involved in each shipment (shipper, carrier, receiver) benefit from increased overall efficiency of logistics, resulting in increased economic competitiveness.
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Real-time overview of shipments to all three parties.

Information about shipment flows digitally and in real-time between every party. It makes administration much faster and there is no paper handling and no need to enter waybill data manually to Excel file or to the accounting software.

Use smart device to create electronic waybills on the go.

Drivers can create e-waybills with a couple of clicks and they only need a smart device with the Internet access for that. Waybiller works perfectly with any smart device and can be used via browser or via Android app.

Comprehensive Excel reports about all your shipments.

Use Waybiller's advanced filters to filter out the waybills you need and save the result to the Excel file. Excel reports contain full data about every e-waybill and you can use Excel to analyze this data exactly as you need.

Monitor your shipment location in real-time.

By using our Android app you can monitor your shipment location at any time. We also save the route and attach it to the waybill. Discover quickly if the shipment has deviated from its route.

What our customers say.

Trusted by industry leaders.

We had all our waybills on paper before we met Waybiller. No piles of paper waybills anymore on our desks, no more missing waybills, so much easier administration! Waybiller is extremely useful for us and all the users have given us the feedback that is also very easy to use.

Juhan Ressar

Most of the wheat shipments are transported using paper waybills in Estonia. I'm extremely happy that we at Kevili have taken a huge step forward and replaced paper waybills with e-waybills. To be honest, we cannot imagine using paper waybills again as e-waybills make our life so much easier.

Toomas Tensing

Waybiller.com project is funded by the Norway Grants Green ICT programme. Digitalisation of waybills has a positive impact on the environment as well as on the transparency of the highway transport. At the same time, digital waybills help to spare human and time resources and boost the efficiency of transport companies. The implementation period of the Green ICT small scheme project Waybiller.com, project code EU53330 , was 01.07.2019-31.10.2019. The implementation period of the Green ICT main scheme project Waybiller.com, project code EU53940, is 01.08.2020-31.07.2023. Green ICT project manager is Heiti Mering (heiti@thorgate.eu).